In support of the health contingency due to COVID19, this year the registration fee has been reduced.


  • General: $300.00 (US dollars) - $6,000 Mexican Pesos - reduced to $150 USD ($3,000.00 MXP)
  • StudentsIEEE members, : $200.00 (US dollars) - $4,000 Mexican Pesos - Reduced to $100 USD ($2,000.00 MXP)
  • The Registration Payment of the accepted paper ,  covers the attendance of the speaker and also of all the authors of that paper who wish to attend the conference, without additional payment. Authors who are not the spaker must register online or in the event, indicating that they are co-authors of the paper. 
  • Current Professors, students and workers of CINVESTAV:  Free of charge


  • Only With Recognition:  $40.00 USD,  About  $800.00 Mexican Pesos - Reduced to $20 USD ($400.00 MXP)
  • With Recognition and Material: $100.00 USD About $2000.00 Mexican Pesos - Reduced to $50 USD ($1,000.00 MXP)
  • Current Professors, students and workers of CINVESTAV: Free of charge 


If you want to attend the conference (Free of charge),  We have a limited number of scholarships for students and teachers. Apply early to attend in this modality. Only include recognition. The registration form  link (Attendees)  will be available  on September 21, 2020   Attendees Registration CCE 2020 (attendees only, does not apply to speakers of accepted papers)

If the attendees is current student or professor of Cinvestav, does not pay the registration feed (only you have to show your identification in the register or send your identification in the online register)

All authors of accepted papers who have paid their paper registration and wants to attend the conference, do not pay other registration,  should only fill the registration form as an attendee

Fill in the form in the following link Attendees Registration CCE 2020



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