General Chairs:


Dr.  Gerardo Silva Navarro (Electrical Engineering)

Dr. Wen Yu Liu (Automatic Control)



Program Chairs


Chair of Automatic Control 

Dr. Rubén Garrido Moctezuma


Chair of Biomedical engineering 

Dr. Ernesto Suaste Gómez


Chair of Communications systems 



Chair of Computer science and computer engineering 

Dr. Richard Márquez Contreras (UTM)


Chair of Mechatronic 

Dr. Francisco Beltrán Carbajal (UAM)


Chair of Solid-state materials, electron devices and integrated circuits 

Dr. Daniel Durini Romero (INAOE)


Chair of Nanotechnology (Materials and Applications) 

 Dr. Daniel Durini Romero (INAOE)



Chair of Power Electronics 



Chair of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering



Mechanical Engineering 

Dr. Andrés Blanco Ortega (CENIDET)




Program Committee


Program Committee Member Organization





Finance Chair

Dr. Gerardo Silva Navarro

With the support of:

Alma Angélica Andrade Carta



Registration and Publication Chair

M.C.  Judith Esparza Azcoitia

With the support of:

M. A. Andrés Hernández Pineda



Technical Support


Miguel Ángel Velasco Piña

José David Torres Frías

Valente Espinosa

Anabel Díaz Mena