The Conference's Online Registration & Paper submission System will be available  on May 22, 2017 


  • - All papers must be submitted electronically using the "conference's Online Registration & Paper Submission System" 
  •  - All papers must be written in English 
  •  - The manuscripts are limited to six (6) pages or four (4)pages  length in IEEE Xplore PDF format, letter size.
  • - Papers must be submitted before June 9, 2017.



Paper Submission  System

For this conference we are using an online paper submission and reviewing system (Easychair). This is a web-based groupware application that supports the review process for technical contributions for the CCE 2017 conference.

Select the following link to submit your paper:  (available on May 22, 2017)   



Gudelines in the preparation of your paper

  • You must send us your paper in PDF format, letter size.
  • You can write your paper in  any  word processor, The Word and LaTeX templates for your papers are:


MS Word and Latex Templates    


Instruction for accepted papers


1)  All accepted papers will be published as submitted by the Author. Please  address all the comments from the reviewers in the final version of your paper. 

2)  Check carefully your submission information on Easychair system:

a) Paper title: Please use capital letters for the first letter of the main words of the title of your paper. Make sure that the spelling of the title is correct.

b) Authors names: Please use capital letters only for the first letter of each name and last name of the authors.

c) Abstract: You can "copy and paste" the abstract from the paper, but please be careful with special characters (e.g.,mathematical symbols).

d) Check the email accounts of all authors, they must sign the electronic copyright (We will send more information about IEEE Electronic Copyright in another email).

Please note that the information about your submission will be used to automatically generate the table of contents of the proceedings, the author’s index, the book of abstracts and the final program of the conference.


3)  All accepted papers must be in  IEEE Xplore PDF format. Please DO NOT include page numbers in the final version of your paper.

MS Word and Latex Templates 


4)  Before creating your final PDF file, add the copyright notice to the bottom of the first page of your source document. Select one of the 4 options below indicated:

a.1. For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the copyright notice is: "U.S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright "  

a.2. For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the copyright notice is: "XXX/$31.00 ©2017 Crown   "  (Available on June 30, 2017)

a.3. For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the copyright notice is: "  XXX /$31.00 ©2017 European Union "  (Available on June 30, 2017)

a.4. For all other papers the copyright notice is: " XXX/$31.00 ©2017 IEEE  "  (Available on June 30, 2017)


5) Before creating your final PDF file, Add in the header of the source document the following (typography used in your paper or Arial/Times New Roman Size 8 or 10 ): 

2017 14th International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Computing Science and Automatic Control (CCE), Mexico, City. Mexico. September 20-22, 2017.


6)  Verify that your PDF file is in the IEEE Xplore format (this is mandatory for inclusion in the IEEE Digital Library)

IEEE PDF eXpress login page:


Conference ID:    XXXX  (Available on June 30, 2017)


7) Upload your final file verified and approved by PDF eXpress using EasyChair, no later than August 11, 2017.


8) Upload a zip file by Easychair including:


a) A proof of the payment of your registration fee (If the first author of the paper is current student or professor of Cinvestav, does not pay the registration feed, but you should include your Cinvestav Identification).

Please note that authors must register by August 11, 2017 . Each accepted paper requires the payment of the registration fee.



c) In case you need an invoice, include the institution name, address,  RFC, and copy of RFC (RFC only Mexican authors).


9) All authors must sign the Electronic IEEE Copyright Form (eCF), this is a method for authors to complete their publishing agreement with IEEE  (you will receive more information about IEEE Electronic Copyright by email)


10) NO SHOW POLICY: Please note that any paper that is not presented by its authors (at least one) during the conference WILL NOT be included in the IEEE Xplore database.

Although these papers will be included in the preliminary version of the proceedings that will be distributed at the conference, such papers will not have an ISBN number nor an IEEE Catalog number.


If necessary, contact Judith Esparza at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra spambots. Usted necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla. for the appropriate copyright notice or for any question.



Creating your PDF eXpress Account


IEEE PDF specification for IEEE Xplore  provides detailed information on how to prepare PDF files for IEEE Xplore. You can use IEEE PDF eXpress to check the compatibility of  your PDF files , or to convert your paper to PDF file, or also use.

IEEE PDF eXpress is a free service to IEEE conferences. To use this service, please go to the IEEE PDF eXpress site at


First-time users should do the following:

    1.  Select the New Users - Click Here link.
    2.  Enter the following:
      • the Conference ID : XXXX    Available on June 30, 2017
      • Your email address
      • A password.
      • Continue to enter information as prompted. 
      • An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.


 Previous users of PDF eXpress need to follow the above steps, but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid. 


Conference ID : XXXX  (Available on June 30, 2017)


If you have doubts with PDF Xpress please Contact PDF eXpress Support:

Access the Publications Support Center for IEEE PDF eXpress.

If you do not find an answer in  the Find Answers tab, go to the "Ask A Question tab".

Your question will be forwarded  to IEEE PDF Support and  answered within 3 business  days.


More Instructions about PDF Expresss site  (read this instructions before to use PDF eXpress )





Please note that the proceedings of this conference are sponsored by the IEEE who will hold the copyright. Only for those submitters whose paper is accepted.

IEEE Copyright Form
– Read FAQ (link IEEE page) 
HTML Page with information about Copyright form

All authors of accepted papers  must sign the Electronic IEEE Copyright Form (eCF), this is a method for authors to complete their publishing agreement with IEEE  (the author will receive more information about IEEE Electronic Copyright by email)



How to sign in to EasyChair


Using Your EasyChair account

To sign in to EasyChair, you must have an EasyChair account. If you used EasyChair after the 9th of January 2007, then you have such an account. If you do not have one, click this link to obtain one.

If you have an EasyChair account but forgot your user name or password,click this link to retrieve them.

There is also a second step, but only for those submitters whose paper is accepted. In that case, you will be asked to also submit the camera-ready copy electronically. Instructions will be sent after your paper has been accepted


problems

If clicking on EasyChair links repeatedly brings you to the sign-in page please read the following.

  1. To use EasyChair you must enable cookies on your browser. Please check that you have cookies enabled.
  2. EasyChair will automatically terminate your session after two hours of inactivity, so it is normal that you are asked to sign in again if you did not work with it for more than two hours. Another possible reason for this problem is the use of two different browsers or two different computers to access your EasyChair account. For security reasons, EasyChair does not allow for a simultaneous access of the same account from more than one browser or computer.





CCE committee do not sell, distribute, or pass your personal data to any organization. 

See Cinvestav - Privacy Statement

See  Easychair Privacity Statement


Important Dates


September  20-22, 2017

Tutorial Courses:

September  18-19, 2017

Full Manuscript:

June 9, 2017 

Review Notification:

July 14, 2017

Final Revised manuscript:

August  11, 2017



Docs Download

Full details about how write your paper can be found in the following  files.  Use  any of these  guidelines in the preparation of your paper, you can use any word processor but you must send us the paper in PDF format verified by PDF Xpress.

Authors are responsible for submitting their paper in the required format. All papers that are accepted will be published as submitted by the Author. The Conference is NOT responsible for editing or correcting errors in the paper.






 For  Accepted Papers and Authors Usign Latex:

In order to fulfill the IEEE format requirements for the camera ready 
version of your article, please use the package "CCE.sty" within your 
source file. The package can be downloaded at the next link:

The beginning of your source file should be read somewhat as follows:
++++++++BEGIN QUOTATION+++++++++++++++++


++++++++END QUOTATION+++++++++++++++++

Yours Truly:

CCE Organizing Committee


CCE.sty Latex